Dear guests, we discovered the best way to provide our guests the full vacation experience was too:

- not rent our pontoon boats/kayaks to the public, just our guests.

- combine older, well maintained pontoon boats with new Honda 40hp four stroke (2013) engines.

- Our pontoons costs you 1-2 times less than the boat rentals and you get twice the fun.

This gets you out on the lake, tubing, tooning, fishing and lovin it up. The boat rental places drop it off at the very busy boat launch...more delays, more hassles then leave you. When their boat breaks, your pregnant spouse or ill grandma cannot get back to shore. When you rent with us, just jump in your pontoon and go. We have a standby boat if anything ever happens, we'll come get you, just call. We do require a pontoon rental during the peak season to rent a cottage.

​22ft Pontoon ($1050) Honda 40hp 4 stroke engine per week 

24ft Pontoon ($1200) Honda 40hp 4 stroke engine per week

Six kayaks with paddles, vests; $25 per week per kayak

Two person and one person tubes, bridal, tow rope, vests $75 per week​

no daily rentals during peak period

To rental cottage at peak, pontoon rental is required

We only permit our equipment for towing to be used

A signed contract is required

The 24ft pontoon - gets new cushy seating

and a new deck summer 2015

Pricing and Availability