​​​​​Here is a suggested list for what to bring on vacation

Paper towels
Toilet paper
Basic seasonings
Cooking oil
paper plates, plastic (knives, forks, spoons) napkins
Laundry soap
Bath towels
Baby crib, chair, baby gate
Extra linens: sheets, bath towels, kitchen towels
Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, soap
Fishing poles
Coffee filters

extra Foosball and Ping Pong Balls; likely to be there but we don't provide them
Extra Pillows
Garbage bags
Matches or a lighter
Phone, camera, and laptop chargers
Specialty kitchen gadgets
All-purpose cleaner
First aid kit
bee bite kit
Safety gear
Hiking back packs for the dunes
Water bottles
HDMI cable to hookup to TV
Ice, and large ice chest
musical instruments! GUITARS! drums shakers
bug spray
TWO bathing suits, one for the lake, one for the hot tub, Mosquito Bug repellent
Kids life jackets (we provide adult and recommend you specially fit your child)
Sun Block
Snorkel, fins and face mask
Swim goggles
swim shoes


hiking shoes
A good novel
Your favorite DVD movies
Bicycle and helmet
Fishing poles and tackle
Sand toys for kids - Deck of cards
Your favorite board games
 Kleenex tissues
prescription medicines
buy firewood up here its illegal to transport in Michigan; big fines 

What do you provide in the kitchen?

The kitchen has all the basics, plus more; pots, pans, blender, six quart crock pot, lots of utensils, plates, bowls, glasses, wine glasses, double sink, stove and two ovens, very large refrigerator, a small refrigerator for beverages (2Lakes only), toaster, microwave, CD and radio player, coffee maker. We provide basic amounts dishwashing soap and dishwasher soap. We provide a basic supply of paper products and then the guest must purchase their own. We do not provide condiments or coffee and filters.


Do you provide Linens, bedding and towels?

Linens and Bedding for the contracted number of guests so be accurate on your contract. Above 14 the guest must provide the sheets and bedding. The guests must provide their own towels and laundry soap.


Do you provide maintenance and repair?

We pride ourselves in keeping our cottage in good operational condition. We are both owners and managers of our cottage so there is pride there. If something does go wrong, I’m always available to fix it 24/7 or get a professional in there ASAP if needed.  Most of the time I try and meet my guests and orient them to the cottage and provide tourist advice. I try and provide great communication to answer all their questions at any time they need to ask it.


What is the closest place to buy groceries and a fishing license and bait?
Getting Groceries - Olson’s @ 3 mile and Hammond Rd. - Fishing supplies at Roy’s Grocery and Hardware @ 3 mile and Hammond Rd


What basic products do you provide for your guests?

A basic issue of garbage bags, toilet paper and paper towels. The WIFI free, corn-hole game or bean bag toss,  Ping Pong table, paddle and balls, bed linens, Foosball table, ping pong table, hot tub, lots of kitchen items, coffee makers, 8 qt crock pot, plates etc, lots of old fashioned board games, books and more books, row boat, kayaks, pontoon boat, one propane bottle per stay, ghost stories (ask me about John Thomas....), lots of fish...we are your personal guide for the area too. A 5 gal gas tank to refill the pontoon boat with Marine grade gas. We will retrieve a boat if there is a problem, causes for issues are assessed. Soft-soap in every bathroom and kitchen, dishwasher soap, dishwashing soap.

Where do you buy recreational fuel for the pontoon? (It is required for our pontoon boat, regular fuel damages the engines and fuel lines) The closest place to purchase fuel is at  Courtades Trading Post 233 High Lake Rd, Traverse City, MI 49696
(231) 947-8945

What things do you not provide?

Laundry soap, Coffee and coffee filters, Condiments, Bath towels Beyond the basic issue of garbage bags and paper products, we do not provide those items for the entire stay. Baby Crib or baby chair, children life jackets, cable TV, a phone, towels, fishing gear, bikes, water toys, we don't provide free kayaks or pontoon boats. We do not provide concierge service but we do provide 24/7 repairs. We make every reasonable attempt to get out there fast, priority goes to electric, water and heat. If it a guest is responsible for the issue than a $50 service charge plus $25 per hour and parts are assessed.


What are your house rules?

No illegal or business activities
No fireworks or flammables, Tike torches are not permitted
No house parties; weddings, etc., all guests that stay there must be contracted guests
No smoking in the house; use the butt can and pick up the butt and throw them away
Wash body and suits before entering hot tub; never go from lake to hot tub
All boats, tie it tight to the dock with at least two bumpers
Use the designated fire pit for campfires
Keep hot tub covered when not in use; put 2 oz. of chlorine in tub daily
Rowboat; Pull it up and flip it over so if doesn’t fill with rain on departure
Playing music loud in the day is ok, at night turn it down
Do not move furniture or take it apart                                     
Keep your dog on a lease and crate them when left alone
In peak season, Check in 3pm and Check Out 10am times are firm
In nonpeak season, Check in 3pm and Check Out 10am can be adjusted with written owner approval
Upon arrival within 2 hours, conduct an inspection for damage and send Ray text/call 231.709.5328